Committee Information

As a committee we want to ensure the league is successful but ultimately we want to secure longevity of the league in terms of funding and the league having the resources to run.  As volunteers of the league we also have other roles within the sport.  Some people that sit on the committee are players, some are coaches, and some are club or match officials.  We have a huge appetite and hunger for the sport to progress and we hope that people can see the hard work, commitment and dedication that has already been put in by our volunteers over a number of years to get the league where it is today.  Moving forward we want to ensure we are able to:

  • Sustain and Grow the league’s structure through increasing number of teams.
  • Ensure the player pathway is in place for players to develop within the sport.
  • Ensure that players are social included and are able to access the Nation’s favourite sport of football – increase in their mental health, well-being and confidence.
  • By ensuring our financial future is secure means we can turn our attentions to effectively delivering and administering the competitions and putting courses in place to improve the numbers of coaches and match officials involved in the game.

Paul Hunt – Chairman

David Lewis – League Secretary

Geoff Lewis – Treasurer

Stef Kennedy – Welfare Officer

Martin Mills – Referee Co-Ordinator

Chris Gordon – Social Media/Marketing

John Clarke – Player Representative